Tattoo Tips

Caring For A New Tattoo

April 19, 2017 zoinks 0

When you finally decide to get a tattoo, the first thing you’ll need to do is find a reputable tattoo artist.  Most tattoo artists have several designs that you can pick from.  If you don’t […]

Tattoo Tips

Time And Tattoos

April 16, 2017 zoinks 0

Throughout the course of time, tattoos have been used to personify and represent someone’s affiliations, personal preferences, and their creative outlook on life. Tattoos are gaining in popularity these days as well with both men […]

Tattoo Tips

Tattoo Safety

April 15, 2017 zoinks 0

The process of tattooing involves needles that move at very fast speeds to penetrate the outer layers of the skin. The needles break the skin, and inject dots of ink into the third layer, creating […]

Tattoo Tips

Minimizing The Pain Of Tattoos

April 12, 2017 zoinks 0

No matter what you may hear, there really is no way to predict the amount of pain that you’ll experience when getting a tattoo. If you arrive with determination and the right frame of mind, […]